2021 Members of the Bridgepointe Board of Directors and their positions 
President - Term Expires 12-21
Andrew Linfante - (Drew)
Drew has been a resident of Bridgepointe for more than 10 years. He and his wife Maureen have been active members of the community since they moved here. Drew takes pride in his home and community and this is why he elected to join the board. Drew works as a Director of Supply Chain/Procurement for a hospital. 
Vice President - Term Expires 12-23
Marcy Walker
Marcy has been a resident of the Bridgepointe Community since 2005. And has served in several positions as a member of the board over the years.My goal as a member of the Board is to continue to represent the neighborhood passionately with a strong work ethic, good communication, honesty and integrity.
Co-Treasurer - Term Expires 12-21
Lisa Ewan
Lisa has been a resident of Bridgepointe for 12 years and has served on the Board of Directors in various roles. She is a Paralegal and Compensation Administrator for a local law firm, an avid knitter, and enjoys volunteering her time to improve our community.
Secretary - Term Expires 12-22
Boris Musman
Boris Musman has owned in Bridgepointe along with his family for over 6 years. He has a degree in accounting and works as a Risk Management professional. He volunteered to contribute to and serve the community to make it a better, safe and happy place to live in.
Trustee/Co-Treasurer Expires  - Term Expires 12-22
Sandip Dhondiyal
Sandip Dhondiyal has been living in Bridgepointe along with his family since more than a year. He works for a Financial org, NY.  Sandip is excited to be part of the community and the people. He volunteered to contribute to and serve the community to make it a better, safe and happy place to live in.
Duties of the Board of Directors 
The Board of Directors are the individuals selected and given authority to administer the affairs of the Condominium Association, organized as stated in the By-Laws. The Condominium Association, acting through the Board of Directors, shall:
  • Promote the health, safety, welfare and recreation of the Members;
  • Own, operate, maintain, and repair all Common Areas within the Property and all improvements thereon as provided for in the Association By-Laws;'
  • Fulfill the responsibilities and duties delegated to the Homeowners Association as outlined in the By-Laws;
In summary, the Board of Directors purpose is to administer the duties as outlined within the By-Laws of the Condominium Association. To that extent, the Board is responsible for:
  • Creation and Administration of an Annual Budget
  • Securing bids and selecting contracts to maintain the common grounds as well as areas outlined by the By-Laws ( snow removal of common areas)
  • Ensuring the Association is properly insured
  • Maintaining Architectural Control of the Association by reviewing and approving requests for improvements from Homeowners
  • Assist Homeowners with any request outside the scope of duties (namely, pointing Homeowners in the proper direction.)
  • Enforcing the by-laws of the community
It is equally important to outline what the Board does not do and/or does not have authority to do:
  • Take responsibility for Homeowner issues surrounding issues between the Homeowner and Third-Parties
  • Repairs to Homeowner dwellings as defined in the Master Deed
  • Snow removal of areas not designated a common area